About Munger Club

Reading has been a huge part of my life for many years now. At least when I started this blog… Although this blog is really just for enjoyment’s sake, I have found that not a lot of people read books, and that bothers me.

The main mission of this club is to get people to read more. Reading has been one of the most enlightening acts of my entire life. Your ROI is infinite when it comes to books.

Altering your perspective on life is not just fun, it’s important to live a happy life. Growing up I was given some pretty terrible advice. Some of it was good, but the biggest problem was that no advice I ever got aligned with actually living a fulfilling life, and being happy and whole. One way to do this is to have a deep understanding of your self and the world around you, which isn’t a class in any schools I went to, unfortunately. Inner peace is very important.

But I hate reading” most people

People look upon reading books as a chore or a hobby for the stereotypical book worm; your typical introvert who wears glasses and is socially awkward (which is not exactly what introversion means.) This is far from true, and you might be surprised to know how many people in the business world read books. They say the average person reads less or slightly more than one book per year. That’s sad. But hopefully through this blog, we can encourage people to read more, or at least create a network for those who are already veracious readers, and looking to build a better world around them.

Reading can be extremely powerful for improving many of life’s skills. I have met people who couldn’t get over a certain flaw in their mind or behavior, most likely due to the lack of understanding of how our bodies work, and fixed themselves by reading a single, or at most, a couple books. Even a paid therapist couldn’t help some of these people. (For the record, I am one of these people and I am still learning and improving myself every day.)

I’ve heard time and time again that people don’t like to read. Well no one likes to read. If that were the case you could just throw up a bunch of random words on a chalk board and have a blast. What people love about reading is the byproduct that comes from doing it. This may sound obvious, but when I read, it’s the learning, and realizations, the pattern recognition, the dot connecting, the emotional attachment, the perspective altering, the holy shit this is super interesting… Humans are designed to learn, and learning about the world around you is such a fascinating thing. This is half the reason philosophy is so groovy, man.

This Blog’s mission is to not only encourage people to read – nearly every post will have a book mentioned or will be direct thoughts from a book -but we want this to also be a guide to the avid reader, the knowledgeable business man and woman, the aspiring entrepreneur, the opportunist staying on the cutting edge of know-how – a reference source to the right minds. We’re also looking for other people who are reading a lot and working on a business to consider writing an article and joining the club.

We will only mention books I think people will learn from and should go buy. We have no plans for doing any fiction books or books that are very specific to a certain skill, like “how to market on Facebook” kind of books – at most maybe a few good sales books. Although those books are great and filled with great info, it’d be hard and rather redundant to write about it unless we’ve done what the book says extensively and successfully. We do, if you see the categories section, have books laid out in categories that pertain directly to a certain skill or topic that relates to becoming a better person, helping you build a better life for yourself, or furthering your career.


…forever a student.

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