How to throw awesome dinner parties and become a networking green beret

These are my thoughts on Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.

First off, this book has become a big part of my life. Keith Ferrazzi’s skills are absolutely astounding. In this book, Keith tells anecdotal stories of his journey to greatness, while also breaking down each of his lessons with step-by-step knowledge & ideas. If there is one thing this book makes clear, it’s not always what you know, but WHO you know. But more importantly, it is how you create and nurture these relationships that makes the difference, that’s the hard part.

It’s hard to write a concise review of this book because it touches on so many topics, from better networking skills, to finding your passion and turning it into your mission, to throwing awesome dinner parties, to using social media, to artfully handling gatekeepers, and even how to make better cold-calls. The list goes on, but ultimately this book is about HELPING people. As Keith says…

“Connecting is a Philosophy of life, a worldview. Its guiding principle is that people, all people, every person you meet is an opportunity to help and be helped. Why do I place so much importance on mutual dependence? For starters, because, as a matter of necessity, we are all social beings. Our strength comes from what we do and know cumulatively. The fact is, no one gets ahead in this world without a lot of help.”

Keith pulls his sources from his own experience, the experience of other powerful people, from today and the past (with a “Connectors Hall of Fame Profile” that sums up multiple chapters) and with a few books and studies he’s read himself. Keith’s wisdom is timeless, because even tho technology advances, and the world changes, people are still people.

You might not be crazy about this book if you absolutely strive for hard empirical evidence and scientific fact, but at the same time, it’s spoken by a man who’s already done it before, and has a way of breaking down the core fundamentals of relationship building and making them easy to learn. This book is also LOADED with awesome ideas that I use in my business today, one of which I used a lot was to send gatekeepers or secretaries of potential clients chocolates after we had spoken a few times, or even just to be nice. It worked every time, just to show people that you appreciate what they do, and it made all the difference in building the relationship with the head honcho, usually a lawyer or doctor. My favorite chocolate to send was Lindor, those little chocolate covered truffles. No lie, I pounded a bag of those down just last weekend on my cheat day! Get this book and stop eating by yourself if you:

    • Are running a business

    • Have a job that requires you to talk to people

    • Want to throw awesome dinner parties

    • Want to be a better communicator

    • Want to be a better boss

    • Are in college

    • Can read English

      forever a student.



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