Mastery of bad-assery


Thoughts on You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero.

Jen has a way with words that creates an awesome visual image in your head that’s easy to relate to. She also formatted the book to be an easy read, with small chapters, and main points and words of wisdom highlighted throughout the chapters. In this book, Jen breaks down some real topics,like getting rid of fear, being your true self, and being spiritual and harnessing the power of the universe (or any variation of spiritual beliefs.) She also spells out the reality of huge personal issues we all deal with, like your ego, dealing with the subconscious mind, and most importantly, LOVING YOURSELF.

The book might sound a little cliché for some who might enjoy the empirical evidence of self-improvement books, but on that note, she does have a list of books she read while “honing her own badassery” that is a pretty awesome bonus on top of an already great read.

In short, this book will not only teach you to be a better, happier, more confident person, but will serve as a quick pick-me-up any day of the week to get your mind in the right gear. This book makes a great starter book, because it’s so easy to read, and so enjoyable. I’ve fallen in love with her writing style. She really doesn’t hold back, and you can tell. And that makes reading her books very enjoyable.

Start your journey of bad assery and self-love if you enjoy learning about:
– Spiritual Awareness
– Understanding Fear and ridding yourself of it
– Needing an excuse to do something crazy
Learning to not give a F*ck

Quotes from the Book: “When taking great leaps forward, life often turns to shit before it turns to Shinola”

“Do what you can do in joy, instead of trying to do it all in misery”

“We only get to be in our bodies for a limited time, why not celebrate the journey instead of merely riding it out until it’s over?”



  1. […] Now, let’s say you’re in your 50s, and you’ve been slugging away at your “career” for almost 3 decades. One day you look back, you wonder where it all went wrong. You wonder how your life slowly slipped into a subtle mediocrity. Then you wonder what it would look like if you started that stupid blog idea you had 28 years ago, or quit your job to drive a food truck to Miami with your buddy, because it sounded fun. But it’s just too risky… it could fail. It could leave you broken and homeless and your dog wont get fed because you don’t trust your neighbors to come over and feed him, so he’ll probably just crap all over the carpet because you’re hundreds of miles away trying to scrounge up enough money to buy a bus ticket to get back because the food truck broke down and failed and you spent the last of your money on a back alley craps game (and lost) trying to double your money, and your buddy turned out to be a horrible business partner, and an alcoholic who just partied every night, and your girlfriend text you saying she can’t be with somebody who just quits their job like that.. You should have just stayed at your job and lived your normal life… […]


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